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CD/Radio Turning Off

I know and understand you too. On previous Qashqai J10, there was a lot issues with battery drainage, which I can confirm from my own experience too. So I see the point in saving the energy. What I like on new Qashqai, it is an extremely low idle current when car is locked (cca. 5-10mA). On old generation of Qashqai, the idle current was much higher (25-35mA). That is great improvement and I like this too as it happen to me several time when I left my car parking at the airport and after a month ...

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Service after mileage

Worth looking at. Has anyone used them before? Pros and cons?http://www.servicingstop.co.uk/nissan_service.html ...

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CD/Radio Turning Off

Thanks Duncho. I did see that mentioned in the manual but thought they must give us the choice to have that feature switched on or not as it is on most other things like phones, TV's etc.  I spend a lot of time sat in the car waiting for daughter while she is in various classes and I listen to the radio and CD's a lot.  This will really get on my nerves. Shame. ...

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Newbie hello and a question: reverse uphill start!

Glad you worked out the auto handbrake.  For tiny (or is it tinny) door rattles check out Duncho's post on this thread.  He even has some handy images of what the cause was.http://www.qashqaiownersclub.co.uk/forum/rattles-rattles-and-more-rattles_topic1193.htmlMaybe it is the same source as your rattles.Edited by MJCQQ - 14 hours 43 minutes ago at 9:40pm ...

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Mysterious leak (again)

Thanks for al the help- has anyone had to replace door tires?! ...

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